It is time for you to ‘lock shop’

Irina Mossi Love Detective

Dear Pastor,

I am a woman in my 60s and I am in love with a man in
his 40s. We have been together for seven years. Within this time, he
went and got married to a woman who resides in England and he told me
after he did it. He has many women and when he is tired of them, he runs
back to me.

He told me that his wife is coming so I should not call his phone
or see him because he doesn’t want her to see me. He has a schoolgirl
coming to look for him also, so I asked him if his wife won’t see this
girl coming to his place. He told me indecent language. His wife has not
reached as yet and it has been one month now. I love this guy dearly.
What should I do? Thank you in advance for your advice.


Dear P.T.,

You mean to tell me that a woman in her 60s doesn’t know
when a man is taking her as an idiot? What does this man have that is
causing you to stick with him? Why can’t you leave him? He has not
treated you with respect. He has many women. He got married secretly and
came back to you and you have taken him back. Why do you allow this man
to be treating you as his doormat? Is it money he has that you don’t
want to lose? What is it that is causing you to stay with him?


His wife is coming to Jamaica and you are going to have to
stay away from him while she is here. If you would have to stay away
from him while she is here, you should be able to stay away from him
permanently. When the school girl is around him you cannot show up
either. You bring shame on every woman in their 60s. It is time for you
to lock shop. Women who allow men to use them lack integrity. It is time
for you to leave this man and serve the Lord.



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