Irina Mossi “Just for One Night“

Police on Friday raided the home of Dancehall / Reggae music
artiste Miguel Collins more popularly known as Sizzla, arresting several
persons who were at the house.

Information reaching THE STAR
is that police from the Half-Way Tree and Elletson Road stations
entered the Richings Avenue home of the entertainer about 1 p.m. on
Friday by jumping over a fence surrounding the property.

Several of the entertainer’s friends were charged with minor
offences including possession of ganja and possession of an offensive

Our news team was also told that one of Sizzla’s long-standing producers was taken into custody but later released. THE STAR understands that the yard was practically emptied by the police team and several persons detained.

Sources at the St Andrew Central divisional headquarters confirmed the incident and revealed that several arrests were made.

verbally abused

Sizzla was not arrested but sources close to the artiste say he was verbally abused by one of the officers.

There have been speculation that the lyrical feud with fellow
entertainer Khago could have influenced the lawmen to invade Sizzla’s

According to reports, Khago’s family members claim to have been receiving death threats.

A source close to Sizzla said: “We nuh know weh all of this fah.
About four or five police dem jump di fence and then we cooperate with
them, pull the gate and let in the others. Dem a talk a bag a things
bout Khago this and that … . After Dada nah trouble nobody a music di
artiste a do and we a get fi understand say people a pree things on
another level so we just relax and a do music.”

The source continued, “Dem run in and see the artiste ina him
studio a voice and interrupt the session and dem a try deal wid the
artiste rough with a bag of verbal abuse but true Dada clean him jus mek
dem do dem thing and leave”.

In recent weeks, Sizzla and Khago have been trading lyrical shots in songs like Hurry Come Up, Pronounce The Bwoy and Dash Weh Di Bwoy for Sizzla, while Khago’s camp countered and have released songs like Come Out A Mi Way and Suicide War.


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