US rapper Nas samples Super Cat song

super cat

American rapper Nas has sampled Super Cat’s Dance Inna New York for a song on his upcoming album.

Super Cat’s song was released in the 90s but has been sampled for Nas’ song The Don, which is one of the singles that will appear on his summer album called Life Is Good.

The song starts with an intro from Super Cat repeating, “New York
girl dem a mad ova we.” Thereafter, Nas raps his verses over a hip-hop
beat. But in sections of the song, Super Cat’s voice can be heard adding
melody to the track. And in bringing an end to the song, Nas says,
“Super Cat the Don Dadda, understood.”

But the new single, The Don, features production from Salaam Remi, Da Internz and the late Heavy D, who died suddenly in November.

In an April interview on MTV, Nas said, “when Salaam played me
the beat for it, I said, ‘that’s the single – do this and do that and
we’re golden.’ So he started flipping it around.”

He continued: “When we heard that Heavy D died, of course we were
messed up, and Salaam called me and told me, ‘You know your record The Don? You know who gave me that, right?’ He’s like, ‘Heavy D gave me that. He liked what we did with the other single, Nasty, and he sent me this record.’ And the rest is history. So rest in peace, Heavy D.”

American rapper Nas 

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