Tsunami A..K.A Mr lee

Irina Mossi Love Detective


Of course a told dem its Tsunami aka mr lee real name is Leroy Blair born in the parish of st Elizabeth Jamaica and at the age of 6 i move to Kingston to live with family then at age 12 mi write a little song and mi friend them love it so mi just start dj but i was influence by artiste like buju bantan , daddy vic (r.i.p), bounty killer, dugsy ranks and shabba ranks.


When i move to Waterford in Portmore they always have talent show in the community so mi friends always a tell mi to take the mic them i do so and it was madd so from then mi attack any talent shows but they were a lot of young talent in the community so me and my friends form a crew name (vibes cartel crew with addi bantan, escobar and me mr lee aka tsunami) with the crew we perform at sting,champion in action and many more stage shows,well now tsunami is on the rise with a lot of new dancehall songs fi the girls, social commentary and a lot of good dance hall music.

inspired by people just look out and listen mi songs madd and badddd, ofcourse..blesss.


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