‘This guy is no one’ – Bushman says Khago has a long way to go

Irina Mossi Love Detective

Reggae artiste Bushman has said artistes need to be more educated about the music industry.

According to him, individuals like Khago, who took offence to
comments he made regarding the state of the business, need to focus on
their career and their catalogue.

“It is really a situation where I see that this man (Khago) is
getting outrageously crazy. A guy feel like sey because him hot in
Jamaica, him hot everywhere. I apologised to him because the comment was
not made to offend him. Nuff a dem a rise up because Pro Tool(s) make
dem life easier,” Bushman told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Mi a defend righteousness

Bushman further stated that he has seen comments on the Internet where Khago stated that he has never said he was a Rastafarian.

“Mi a defend righteousness and him a sing bout threesome. It’s
tough for us because of what happened in Coral Gardens. The Rastas that
lost their lives, they did it for these guys. Him say me have one hit
song, it mean say him nuh know nutten bout music. Mi have hits under my
belt, him need fi focus on his career and his catalogue,” Bushman said.

Him nah do nuh real music

The artiste went on to say that he has released 10
albums so far and and that if artistes are not careful, reggae music
will be taken over by others.

“Khago’s two first tunes, the punch lines are not his. Him nah do
nuh real music. Him go New York and feel like the world know him. Ask
him if him ever go Belgium or Japan or dem place deh. Everyone can get
their music free to download, people buy Bushman music. This guy is no
one. He needs to work on getting publicity. He has a far way to go,” he


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