Teetimus Produces For Trey Songz

Musician Teetimus recently landed what may possibly prove to
be his most noted work yet with his involvement in the production of
American singer/songwriter Trey Songz’s single, Ladies Gone Wild.

The dance track is to be included on the singer’s fifth studio album, Chapter V.

Teetimus said being in studio with Trey Songz was a “cool vibe”
and that this has set the stage for him to gain even more international
exposure as he has already been approached by other big names.

“Mi feel like seh Trey Songz
really gi mi a highlight. He has been mentioning that the production
work for the song was done by me in his interviews and all. When Trey
Songz can say Teetimus, people a guh say who that and get interested in
my work,” he told SOURCES.

“I’m a Jamaican, but I produce different types of music, not only
reggae/dancehall. It’s a little bit of crossover and a little bit of
Jamaican. When I’m overseas and in the studio, a only when mi open mi
mouth dem can know mi is a Jamaican,” he laughed. 

Teetimus Demands ‘Bruck It Dung’ Royalties From Vegas

Teetimus also found recent success in his production of the popular Affairs Of The Heart song by Damian Marley and Bruck It Dung by Vegas.

His first taste of international success came from his production of Taste It, a song from Busta Rhymes’ 2002 album It Ain’t Safe No More which eventually went gold.

He has since done work with other acts like Jadakiss, Ludacris and Jim Jones.

His career as an artiste is also gaining traction as he recently released songs such as Little Boys From Di Ghetto and Ride It with Boom Boom.

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