Skatalites Member In Hospital With Mounting Bills

Irina Mossi Love Detective

LLOYD Brevett, bass player with the legendary Skatalites band, is in a
St Andrew hospital after suffering a series of seizures and a stroke two
Sundays ago.

According to close family friend Maxine Stowe, “he’s in critical, but stable condition”.
She said the 80-year-old’s health had rapidly deteriorated following the
shooting death of his son, Okine, in the early hours of February 26
near his home in Seaview Garden, St Andrew, where the family lived.
Young Brevett had just left a function after collecting an award on the
Skatalites’ behalf. The family has since left that community.
Stowe — with whom Brevett and his wife, Ruth, were staying prior to his
hospitalisation — said there has been no resolution on Brevett’s son
murder as well as no practical support for their circumstances.
“Right now, Mr Brevett and his wife, who are US citizens, are here in
Jamaica without any ability to avail themselves of their social security
and health benefits. Mr Brevett has been unfit to travel. So right now,
we are between a rock and a hard place,” said Stowe.
Stowe explained that despite 50 years of unbroken service to the
Skatalites, a legal impasse currently prevents Brevett from reaping
benefits related to the ska/rocksteady/reggae band. The family is,
therefore, looking for the revival of a fund which was announced at the
time of his son’s death to assist with mounting hospital bills.
“We did not want to make this a public issue, but with Mr Brevett’s
debilitating circumstances and resources exacerbated by his family’s
dislocation, we are now forced to make it an issue,” Stowe told Jamaica
“We are in current discussions with the Jamaica Reggae Industry
Association; the Ministry of Culture; and former Prime Minister PJ
Patterson on the definition of an event,” she said.

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