Ryno, Boom Boom make peace

Irina Mossi “Just for One Night“


The atmosphere surrounding the camps of entertainers Ryno and Boom
Boom have been tense ever since Boom Boom was attacked outside the
popular Uptown Mondays event at Savannah Plaza on Constant Spring Road
in 2010. 

The selector, who had to be hospitalised after the attack,
said, at the time, that the assault was carried out by associates of
Ryno after a CD that the Rich Mi Seh singjay requested be played, was not. 

Ryno would later deny having any involvement in the attack.

Earlier this month, talks of a scuffle between the two at another
staging of Uptown Mondays were making the rounds. However, they both
dismissed such rumours. 

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Now, the two have decided that they will put their differences
aside and somewhat ‘bury the hatchet’. The reason for this, they say, is
for their friends and fans to maintain a peaceful mindset. 

According to Ryno, the ‘peace treaty’ was made official at a recent Boasy Tuesdays event, and he is focusing solely on music. 

“A peace we a deal wid and love and unity. Based on what people
did a seh was that we’re at odds, but is not like mi a look fi Boom Boom
fi do him nothing or him a look fi me fi do me nothing. At the end of
the day, Boom Boom a selector and me a artiste and a music wi deal wid,”


swept under the carpet

Boom Boom also shared similar comments with THE WEEKEND STAR
saying. “Me and him (Ryno) nuh have nothing differently still. Is just
that, when two a we in the streets and our people near each other, there
is some amount of tension, so mi haffi mek di people know seh me and
him nuh have nothing. Ryno seh him nuh know nothing about wah did happen
to mi. Mi a play Ryno song dem an even a big him up pon di mic, and him
a big mi up too.” 

However, with one issue swept under the carpet, Ryno refused to
comment about a reconciliation with Gaza-affiliated artistes Popcaan and
Tommy Lee who have been the targets of recent songs done by him. 

“As mi seh, Boom Boom a selector, Ryno a artiste and dem man deh over deh suh a artiste same way,” he said.


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