Natural Black faces down death threat

Irina Mossi Love Detective

Natural Black

Singer Natural Black, who recently made the decision to cut his locks, has reportedly been receiving death threats.

According to the artiste, while he has no knowledge of anyone
who would want to harm him, there is one situation that could possibly
explain the threat. That situation is not being mentioned for security

“Mi get a phone call day before yesterday, but a mi road manager
answer it and di person a say dem a go give Natural Black gunshot and
ting,” Natural Black told THE STAR.

The artiste says the call came from a United States area code and
that he had no issues with anyone, so he does not understand why he was
receiving these threats.

“Mi nuh have nutten pon mi shoulder, mi just in the streets a do
music. Mi keep mi self to mi self and tings whe nuh call fah mi avoid
it. Nuff people have numbers weh roam, so a man can call from anywhere,”
he said.

According to Natural Black, his road manager has since made a report to the Half-Way Tree Police Station.

The STAR could not confirm if a report had, in fact, been made.

The artiste is also urging promoters who wish to book him to ensure that they have a contract before approaching him.

“Mi take dis ting serious, a nuh joke time. You haffi be careful,
mi a look out a mi eye and see dem. So if any promoter want mi fi show,
dem haffi get a contract,” he explained.


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