Natural Black cuts locks – Says his life wasn’t matching up to Rastafarian beliefs

Natural Black

Reggae crooner Natural Black says he has been living an unbalanced life and decided to cut his locks as a result.

The artiste said he needed a change because his life was not matching up to the Rastafarian beliefs.

“I needed a new page, mi have basic needs to fill. As a Rasta you have certain tings weh you haffi keep up and if you nah keep it up, it nuh make no sense, just live free. When you nah make it one way, you haffi attack it another way,” he told THE STAR.

The singer, who is known for songs Just Like In The Movies and Far From Reality, says he is now focusing his attention on releasing hardcore dancehall songs.

To date, he has released a few songs titled Love Straight, Mi Get Pat and Play With You, which he says has been getting good feedback especially from college students.

“I wanted to do some hardcore dancehall music, music that have expletive language and is X-rated. So far mi a get good feedback especially from the college girls dem. It look like dem did a wait fi dem song ya. It a gwaan mad,” he said.

He says so far, fans have reacted with surprise and excitement.

“Some fans a say dem glad fi di change, nuff a dem accept it because dem know say a life,” he said. He also confessed that there were some Rastafarians who were not happy with his decision.

Natural Black was also confident that his fans who have been supporting him from day one would understand his decision to cut his hair.

“Dem a go understand man, as you grow you understand some tings more. Religion is kind of trappy enuh, if you nuh understand certain tings den you get trapped in a kind of way,” he said.

Although he has broken his Rastafarian covenant by cutting his locks, Natural Black says he will remain a vegetarian and will continue to keep some of the orders associated with being a Rasta.

The artiste was also confident that this will not affect his chances of being booked for shows and also urged his fans to learn from his mistakes.

“Dem need fi focus and learn from my mistakes. Instead of criticising me, dem need fi learn from my movement. Life is about one step at a time. Don’t get caught up in the wrong things,” he said.

This is the second time the artiste has cut his locks. He had previously cut his hair in 2005. 

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