Milk Sewell Reflects On Fallout Following Sex Tape Controversy

Irina Mossi Love Detective

Four years removed from the most controversial moment in her career,
one of Jamaica’s most prominent media figures insists that she’s
stronger in spite of the public fallout.

Amelia ‘Milk’ Sewell became one of Jamaica’s most regarded television hosts during her stint as the host of CVM Television’s E-Strip
as she instantly connected with fans of all sectors of Jamaica while
becoming a face of Dancehall & Reggae music. However, Sewell’s
career and life was forever altered while at its peak after a sex tape
of her went viral in 2008, in which she was seen performing oral sex on
her long-time boyfriend and prominent disc jockey turned deejay, Michael ‘ZJ Liquid’ Brissett.

Milk spoke out publicly about the fallout from said tape during a recent interview on the Lauren O Lauren (LOL)
show, stating that originally found out about the tape leaking through
her hairdresser who discovered the tape on a customer’s phone. Once she
found out, Sewell first thought about her family and how she would explain such a thing to them, particularly her son.

“My son is old enough to understand. I just equipped him with the
response to anything that anyone could ever say about the tape. He goes
to Wolmer’s…believe u me, no one said anything to him, no teacher asked
him about it…They saved him from going to school every day and being

Shortly after the tape emerged, Sewell was axed by CVM
and received public backlash as a result of the controversy. To this
day, the prominent media personality believes that she didn’t receive a
fair shake in the wake of the sex tape from the network; intimating that
she never got the support that she hoped for from them at the time.“I really, really wished and hoped that they stood behind me and
made something of it…They didn’t work with me and I was very, very
disappointed in how they reacted and how they treated the situation.
They wanted me to stay out of the public eye when it happened…I didn’t
feel like I didn’t need to hide away from the public because I didn’t do
anything wrong.”

Now four years removed from the sex tape controversy, Milk
says that she’s still being looked on negatively as a result and all
that the fallout has affected her ability to rebound and make strong

“The way how Jamaica looks on it is very double standard. Four
years later, it’s still affecting me. It affects my income and my
earning, it affects the way I take care of my son. I have to be finding
and inventing all different kinds of things to get by and make it,”
she said.

Meanwhile, Milk conceded that she did lose friends
following the controversy as they could not accept appearing with her in
public given that she was caught in such a compromising position.
However, she credits her dedicated fans for sticking by her while also
revealing that internationally renowned disc jock turned deejay, Tony Matterhorn helped her get through the public scrutiny.

“I big up Tony Matterhorn every single time I tell this story
because he made it ok for me to come into the dance and nobody don’t say
anything to me. Every place I went, Matterhorn was there and he just
made it ok,”
she said.

Sewell also credited former Miss Jamaica World and Jamaica’s current Minister of Youth and Culture as one of many female public figures who supported and encouraged her during her toughest time.

As for her future prospects, Milk continues to work on the set of Dancehall megastar, Vybz Kartel’s reality show, Teacher’s Pet
and also has been recording in recent times as she looks to score a
major, mainstream hit as she tries to add to her already verse
repertoire. Additionally, she says that she has advised young girls
who’ve been through similar plights so that they can overcome such an
experience, using the experience iconic media personality, Fae Ellington
as a source of inspiration after Ellington overcame being raped over 30
years ago towards becoming one of the island’s most successful media

“I really helped a lot of people, gave a lot of people advice on
how to deal with it…The strongest woman I know is Fae Ellington who went
through what she went through and is still ok. I drew from Fae
Ellington’s experience and give what I go through and what I know what
keeps me together to the young girls.”

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