Matterhorn defends his name

Tony Matterhorn

Popular dancehall selector/artiste, Tony Matterhorn is furious over allegations that he has run off with a promoter’s money after failing to show up for an event.
In an article published in The WEEKEND STAR, dated April 27, 2012, promoter Wrenroy Smith demanded that Matterhorn return his deposit of $90,000.

According to Smith, he contacted Matterhorn in December to do a
show in Annotto Bay, St Mary. Smith said he and Matterhorn agreed on a
price and he sent him the money through WesternUnion.

“I booked Matterhorn for Girls Graduation, an all-white edition
fund-raising event which was to be held on April 7. Matterhorn told me
his price for the event, I sent him the deposit and he collected it. I
booked him, Swatch International and Jamrock Sound. I got a message that
Matterhorn had double-booked the date, so I contacted him and he asked
if I could switch the dates. I told him no because I had already paid
for the venue and printed up the flyers. Matterhorn said he would send
back my deposit in two days,” Smith said.

numerous phone calls

The promoter says four months have now passed and he
still has not received his money from Matterhorn, despite numerous phone
calls to a number that Matterhorn gave him that was not working.

However, according to Matterhorn, the promoter was unable to
reach him for a while as he had been travelling, and one of his cellular
phones had been cut off. But despite all this, Matterhorn maintains
that the promoter probably “carried feelings” because he decided to do
World Clash instead of his show.

“It safe to sey badmind get the best of him. Cause a from January
mi tell him, bout two days afta wi book fi him show, dat mi cyan do him
show again cause mi a do World Clash,” Matterhorn said.

Matterhorn also rubbished the promoter’s claim that he could not
find him, hence leading persons to believe that he had run off with the

“This is just a publicity stunt he (the promoter) is trying to
pull. You went about it wrong. You made two calls and didn’t get me, you
try again. I couldn’t be hiding from you for $90,000. You went to so
much media, but all now yuh nuh leave yuh contact info,” Matterhorn

Matterhorn also said the number he has for the promoter does not
work, “cause yuh know me already, mi been a call him fi deal wid him
wicked. Leave a number and stop hype up yuh self. Nuh body nuh know
Matterhorn as smaddy fi jump ship, and if mi a guh jump ship mi nah guh
do it fi 90 gran, afta mi nuh hungry!”
Answers promoter – “I couldn’t be hiding for $90,000 

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