Literacy Is The Key To Moving Jamaica Forward

After reading a couple of articles from the Gleaner BlackBerry application on May 9, 2012, the reality of the state in which the country has found itself has become more evident.

owing approximately US$18 billion to Minister Thwaites seeking to have
more private-sector investments for tertiary education, the task of
moving the nation forward seems more of an ‘upwall task’ rather than an
uphill one.

Statements have showed that Jamaica is only growing by 1.1
per cent annually. And with this, unemployment is growing.

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It is
in this light that I think the only way of attempting to solve these
problems is to focus on improving literacy. And this means placing a
greater emphasis on the education system, especially the foundations –
early-childhood education.

With increased literacy, employ-ment
will increase. And, even though we are all aware of the financial crisis
of the country, more persons have to just pitch in and give of their
services freely. This is where the country has to beseech civil servants
and nation builders to help where they can.

Jamaica is ours, and if we want to see it grow from strength to strength, we have to step up to the plate and take control!
have to constantly seek God’s guidance in doing so. And the best way to
do this is to make the words of the national anthem meaningful.


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