Lady Saw, Tifa deny feud

Irina Mossi “Just for One Night“

( L – R ) Lady Saw, Tifa

The Queen of the Dancehall, Lady Saw, has denied allegations that she and fellow artiste Tifa are at odds.

According to Lady Saw, she did an interview on Entertainment Report last Friday night where she was questioned about who could be her successor.

“They asked me about Spice and Tifa, and then cut up the
interview and put in the part where I said ‘nobody can walk in my
shoes’. I am very disappointed about the interview. Spice is a good
friend of mine and to cut up the interview like that hurt me deeply,”
Lady Saw told THE STAR.

Lady Saw said she was informed of a broadcast message that Tifa
had sent out. She said she initially thought the broadcast message was
in retaliation to the interview on ER but later found out that Tifa’s message was sent before her interview aired.

“There was a rumour on a website that ‘ants was in my milk’, and
people were saying my boyfriend John John had a next girl pregnant. Then
after I performed on Magnum Kings and Queens, I heard about the rumour
with Tifa. John John would never do that, he would never sleep with a
next artiste because he knows that would be disrespectful to me,” Lady
Saw explained.

Lady Saw said she took offence to aspects of Tifa’s broadcast
message. “In the broadcast she said she never take any artiste gyal man
and that if it’s publicity stunt we are looking. I didn’t appreciate
that. So I called her mom and told her what offended me. They were
assuming that I had something to do with the rumour and that is what
hurt me,” Saw said.

negativity and rumours

Lady Saw says she is focused on her work and her new
album which is due out this year so she has no time for negativity and
rumours. She also told THE STAR that she has known Tifa since she was a baby and would never say anything bad about her.

When contacted, Tifa denied that she had any beef with Lady Saw.
She explained that she sent out a broadcast message because individuals
were spreading rumours which was not only affecting her credibility but
was also costing her bookings.

“Rumours were circulating about me dating and being pregnant for
Lady Saw’s boyfriend and everything spiralled out of control. I was then
hinted to the fact by persons that this was all part of a plot against
me. All of those allegations are ludicrous and I don’t even have a phone
number for this man. People were querying my bookings due to the fact
that persons believed I was pregnant. I can’t have this nonsense
affecting my shows. I do not have any beef with Lady Saw and I respect
her as a ‘fore-mother’ who paved the way for artistes like me,” Tifa


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