Khago disses Assassin on Cashflow single

Khago has voiced a
new single on the Cashflow Productions riddim in response to Assassin’s
‘Bun Freaky Ras’. The single takes aim at Assassin, assailing him with
insults such ‘pussymouth’ and makes offhand references to last year’s
incident at Shocking Vibes studio with Vybz Kartel.INTRO: Hey Moscow, ah wah happen to Sasco, Sample 6, mi ah go chap him fi 6. Sasco, ah so yu dead wish go
The chorus repeats: something haffi fishy bout yu/REPEAT/yea, mi ask fi wah mi waan from di gal dem/how Sasco have a problem.
Khago deejays:
why him never take the bribe/when Kartel box him down over Shocking
Vibes….him spread out like a catty wid him licensed strap/ah the
carbon copy of Baby Cham dat. He continues: the world know say yu affi
lef Dunkirk/from dem ketch yu a bung Kirk/and everybody know say Sasco
ah pervert/so the street nah gi him comfort.
On the edit, Khago deejays.
Locks or locks
not/gal dem a gimme comfort/and Sasco have a problem wid dat/because him
have a man ah gi him a snapshot/so mi bun out the Boardhouse and push
him out/cause the gal dem say him have a stushy mouth/and everybody know
say Shebada book him out/now a Kid Ralph took him out, frill him out.

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