Irina Mossi Love Detective

Mi say dem heart dutty, dem mind dutty, dem mouth dutty…dem mucky
because dem gone past dutty. Wah really a gwaan inna the business now?
It look like Khago and Assassin are about fi kick off wicked because
Khago go do a freaky song name ‘Threesome’. Him ah walk and tell people
say him nah pretend fi be a real rasta, him just grow him hair, him real
to him ting, so why Assassin decide fi attack him and say ‘freaky ras’
when him nah try pretend fi be holier than anybody. But mi love how
Assassin throw the big stone inna the hog pen and dem a squeal. Anno
Khago alone ah go squeal by da one ya over!!!!!!!


Ah nuff ah dem rasta ya nah hold no meds. Dem nah get chant no psalm,
dem nah go beach and run, dem just de wid some bleached out face freaky
gal who ah siddown inna dem face and piss pon dem lock

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