‘I never said I was a Rasta’ – Khago: Says Assassin ‘a move like music police’

After calling out Bushman for comments he made about him, artiste Khago is now taking lyrical shots at Assassin.
According to Khago, Assassin has released a song titled Bun Freaky Ras which he believes is directed at him.

Khago says that it is his newly released single called Three Sum, that Assassin is counteracting.

In the song Bun Freaky Ras Assassin deejays:

‘Right now di ting a run slack,/the almshouse fi stop/How Ras a beg three sum? Mi bun freaky ras’

To this Khago replied, that he has never said he was a Rastafarian.

“Mi separate religion from music. Mi never tell nobody say mi a
Rasta. Mi and nuh man never meet up a Bobo Hill. Dem a look a hype.
Everybody can grow locks but a nuh every man a Rasta,” Khago told THE STAR.

Khago says he is hurt by what he describes as Assassin’s betrayal.

“The first time mi meet Assassin a bout two months ago when mi an
him buck up inna airport and the flight delay and mi go sit down beside
him and him a talk to me and him a say him see say dem a give me a
fight in the industry and how mi fi just gwaan do the work. Him all give
me him BB pin and say him want voice me pon a rhythm. Now as him hear
mi song him a di first fi jump pon it,” Khago said.

jump pon it

Khago says that he feels disrespected by Assassin.

“Him a move like music police. From Kartel rub out him career,
him just sit down and wait till some artiste put out a tune and him jump
pon it. A nuh me make Kartel gone a jail wid Assassin book and pen,” a
furious Khago said.

Since then, Khago has released a song titled Sumn Haffi Fishy Bout You which was produced by Cashflow Records. In it, Khago deejays:

‘den a wha make the boy never tek the bribe, when the World Boss
box him a Shocking Vibes/ Him spread out like catty wid a licence act/ A
di carbon copy of Baby Cham dat … everybody know say Sasco a pervert
so the streets nah give you comfort…’

Khago further stated that when he heard Assassin’s song, he sent
him a message on his Blackberry, which he says Assassin has not
responded to.

“Assassin don’t have no melody. Him nuh call my name but mi a
call dem name. Every year dem do dis song and call my name and try use
me as guinea pig. Mi off a mute now, dem fi leave me mek mi do mi ting,”
Khago said

When contacted, a member of Assassin’s management team said the artiste had no comment on the matter.


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