Flexxx defends himself – Artiste releases counteraction to Mavado tune

Former Gully Squad member Flexxx is still hurling lyrical blows at singjay Mavado.

The latest barrage may be found in his song, Kill Off All A Dem, produced by Black Chiney Productions.

The reason for this, he says, is in defence of his honour and reputation.

“The song is a counteraction to Mavado’s Action Pack song.
Him a seh a bag a things inna it and know seh a me him a talk, me know
seh a me him a talk and Jamaica know seh a me him a talk. Suh mi just a
defend miself lyrically because mi cyaah just mek people a try step pon
mi suh. Mi just a mek sure seh my name or reputation nuh get damage,”
Flexx told The STAR.

lyrical tug o war

Mavado’s management team has yet to respond to requests for a
comment on the lyrical tug o war taking place between the two artistes.

He added that he is aiming to make the most of the summer holiday
amid all the tension and rivalry between him and the Gully Squad.

“Is a good look for the summer apart from the whole animosity thing that a gwaan now. We have songs like Shamballa, Galiday and Oh Girl
to release and we’re getting calls for a lot of shows and in the
confirmation stages now. This summer is going to be a summer to
remember,” he said.

Flexxx will be shooting a music video for Penshion which
features Ms Kitty on the Mercury rhythm in the coming weeks. He is also
putting the finishing touch on a collaboration with Savage and George P
of Fagan Fraternity that will be released soon.


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