British magazine snubs Marley – Bob fails to make top-50 reggae album list

Irina Mossi “Just for One Night“

Bob Marley

British magazine MOJO magazine has come under fire from reggae
lovers after its most recent top-50 reggae album tribute to Jamaica did
not include any album or albums from the late king of reggae, Bob

Musicians featured on MOJO magazine’s list include Barrington Levy (Shaolin Temple), Dennis Brown (Wolves & Leopards), Gregory Isaacs (Night Nurse), Beenie Man (Art & Life), Lady Saw (Passion), T.O.K (My Crew My Dawgs), Sizzla (Black Woman and Child) and incarcerated Reggae singjay Buju Banton (Til’ Shiloh).

The STAR contacted Bay-C of dancehall/reggae group T.O.K to get a comment on MOJO magazine’s selection, and according to the artiste he would like to see the criterion which MOJO used to make the final decision because Bob Marley exclusion is strange to him.

“It would depend on what the criteria was but Bob Marley is the
most established reggae brand in the world, and he is the king of
reggae, so right now I am curious to see the criteria , but aside from
that Bob Marley is still the king of reggae,” he said.

Bay-C also commented on T.O.K’s album selection saying that My Crew My Dawgs had a good variety.

“We wanted to make a classic, mixing reggae with dancehall. That
way, we had something for everybody, and it is a great feeling to know
that our work did not fall on deaf ears. It’s definitely an honour,” he

Veteran dancehall artiste U-Roy also made MOJO magazine’s final cut, however, he believes that Bob Marley deserved to be selected.

“The man who put that together nuh know weh him a duh. Bob Marley
is foundation so that don’t sound right to me, Bob Marley is a top
seller in the universe so something don’t right. Dem miss out big time
it must be a mistake, dem need fi check and go again,” U-Roy said.

Attempts to get comments from the Marley family were
unsuccessful, however, Bob Marley’s widow, Rita Marley, said in an
interview with Entertainment Report that an apology by MOJO magazine was well deserved.

“Bob is one of a kind, it’s not late for them to apologise, we
would accept an apology but we are not impressed, Bob seh ‘dem a guh
tired fi si mi face dem cyah get mi out a di race’, it’s a foolish dog
who barks after a flying bird,” Rita Marley said.

The snub for Marley comes on the heels of the premiere of a
documentary depicting his life story on the lawns of Emancipation Park
last month. Hundreds of reggae lovers and fans of the reggae icon had
turned out to show their support for Marley.

MOJO has not yet responded to queries from The STAR.

Rita Marley


From left: T.O.K. members Bay-C, Craig T, Flex and Alex. 


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