Lisa Hyper enjoys US tour

Lisa Hyper 


Lisa Hyper In recent days, female dancehall artiste Lisa Hyper has been enjoying her travels to the United States.

Coming as a result of the ‘renewed life’ that has been pumped
into her overseas presence after receiving her work permit last
November, the Bills deejay is extremely elated that she can finally get to interact with more of her fans.

Since November, she has been on a promotional tour with Vegas and Demarco and has done several gigs in a number of states.

“It’s been a while since I was not being seen overseas and a long
time dem a wait to experience Lisa Hyper. We get the permit and my
overseas presence has grown a lot. I can now get to socialise and meet
and greet the fans,” she told The STAR.

Lisa Hyper, who performed in Atlanta Saturday, said that the
audience was very receptive of her set and she plans to replicate the
experience when she performs in Massachusetts on Friday and in
Springfield on Saturday.

“Mi do songs from the Lisa Hype Portmore Empire days and the
newer Hyper material. It’s always a great feeling to see how they
respond to me so mi always guh on the stage and try fi deliver the best
way possible,” said Lisa Hyper.

She said that she hopes that her fans will all get to see her and
enjoy her performances and can appreciate the positive energy that she
is presenting in her music.

“Right now I’m just sealing things up and getting ready to take my career to the next level,” she shared.

Lisa Hyper is featured in an upcoming music video release on the
Priceless Signature rhythm medley which she urges her fans to be on the
lookout for

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